Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 62 Dare to Have Designs on Xiao Yumao? Kill Without Mercy Part 1/2

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“Thirteen, do you have to be so conspicuous? You spoil that yatou so much, those who want to rope you in will use her and bribe her. Those who hate you will use her to threaten you…”

Li Yang raised an eyebrow. “Your meaning is that Benwang needs to hide it when he treats someone well?”

“Just don’t be so obvious!” Mi XueHen was just grumbling. He actually didn’t care what Thirteen did.

“If I’m not obvious about it, how can I show off her importance to me? My woman has to stand next to me. I don’t want to hide anything.” Those who dared to have designs on her, no matter their intentions; he would make them regret it.

“I’m not talking to this fool anymore. I understand the situation on the other side. That yatou had no interactions with Li Ji and Li Qi and she didn’t know them beforehand. In regards to her two maidservants, one was chosen by General Hua. She is very reliable and knows martial arts. The little yatou brought back the other maidservant. She is an orphan from Fengyue Nation. Her parents have passed away. Her background is clean. She wasn’t deliberately sent by someone.”

“En. Feng Ji is almost ready for missions. Call him here to watch over the Leng YouYu who is by Li Ji’s side. If she dares to have designs on Xiao Yumao, kill without mercy!”

“Okay!” Mi XueHen smiled happily. He enjoyed murder dramas, especially killing women.

After Mi XueHen left, Li Yang took the prepared Fengsu Chicken to Hua YuMan’s horse carriage. He even carefully sliced it into pieces for her, diligently and gently, causing Yintao to laugh. She finally dragged Hei QingQing away, leaving the place to her Xiaojie and the attentive Thirteenth Wangzi.


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