Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 58 Come to My Tent If You’re Scared During the Night, Part 2/2

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Li Yang smiled. “I didn’t casually touch it. I touched it very seriously.”

Also, he didn’t know why he wanted to touch her head. Maybe it was because he purely liked her. And her hair was soft and smooth. It felt nice to touch. Once he touched it, he wanted to touch it again.

Hua YuMan looked coldly at him. Did he not understand human speech?

Seeing he was disliked, Li Yang once again reached his hand out and rubbed her hair. “I’m leaving. Good night. Sleep well!” He left her tent before he was disliked again.

“Xiaojie, do you think the Ancient City of Fengyue is really made of gold bricks and silver tiles?” Yintao brought hot water for Xiaojie to wash up and couldn’t hold back her curiosity and asked.

Rumors said that the Ancient City of Fengyue was a treasure trove. If they casually brought a roof tile back, it wouldn’t be a loss. But it depended on if they had that kind of luck.

Hua YuMan shook her head. She didn’t care if there were any treasures.

“No, it’s made of jade. It can’t be moved.” QingQing, who was busily making up the beds next to them, whispered.

“What? QingQing, you’ve been to the Ancient City of Fengyue before?” Hua YuMan asked, as she sat down and took off her pearl hairpins.

QingQing nodded. “Xiaojie, I actually didn’t tell you, but my hometown is Fengyue Nation. I grew up in the vicinity of the Ancient City. I… Xiaojie, I can see through the deep sea. I have seen that underwater city before.”

“Ah? Are there treasures there?” Yintao was more curious than her Xiaojie. She immediately went over to Hei QingQing and asked with a face full of curiosity.


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