Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 58 Come to My Tent If You’re Scared During the Night, Part 1/2

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Hua YuMan naturally knew that Mo ZiTing wanted to adopt orphans for their future plans, so she nodded. “You have to pay attention to safety on the road. There are three different forces heading towards the treasures of the Ancient City of Fengyue. Even 90% of Li Country’s wangzis are going. The journey may not peaceful.”

“I will. You have to be careful too…” The two talked a bit and Hua YuMan finally left Hua Manor with Yintao and Hei QingQing. They got on Thirteenth Wangzi’s horse carriage. And Mo ZiTing took the big pile of banknotes Hua YuMan gave her to buy what she needed.

But neither of them thought that the journey to the Ancient City of Fengyue was not going to be smooth sailing, but one of terror and carnage.

There was a shortcut from Li Country to the Ancient City of Fengyue. One would arrive in five days. The road Thirteenth Wangzi took was this exact one. Eleventh Wangzi Li Jin travelled with them. The other wangzis had set off yesterday.

The shortcut had pros and cons. Saving time was a pro. The con was that they would have to spend the next five nights in the mountains. Therefore, the two wangzis made suitable preparation for foods and necessities. Even the tent was of a luxurious version. There were even two chefs on their team. On the first day, Hua YuMan thought she was going on a scenic tour.

“Xiao Yumao, come to my tent if you’re scared during the night!” Thirteen walked into Hua YuMan’s tent. After a close inspection, he thought there were no problems. Then he reached out to rub her head. “I’m next to you.”

Hua YuMan touched her own head in displeasure. “I got it. Don’t casually touch a girl’s head.”

She still wasn’t used to being close with other people, even if it was the Li Yang she was engaged to.

“Okay.” Li Yang smiled. He reached his hand out and rubbed her head again. Even when she backed away, he could still accurately pet her head.

She looked unhappily at him, “I said, don’t casually touch my head.”


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