Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 57 Part 2/2 This Yatou is Really Heartless

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Beauty? Li Country had tens of thousands of beautiful women. This Hua YuMan was only twelve and not even grown up. She had the character of a beauty, but not yet one to cause the downfall of a city.

Personality? This yatou had great courage, but was heartless. She wasn’t even cordial to Thirteen, but she could hold onto Thirteen’s heart. This was really a miracle.

“I understand. You leave first!” Hua YuMan waved her hand, with an uncaring face.

Mi XueHen’s eyes opened wide. This yatou was indeed heartless. He brought the person she wanted over. She didn’t even thank him and was sending him away.

“TingTing, did you suffer yesterday?” Hua YuMan pulled Mo ZiTing into her boudoir and didn’t pay any more attention to Mi XueHen.

She carefully looked over Mo ZiTing. Besides the black circles under eyes, as if she did not sleep for a night, everything seemed okay. She had no injuries. Hua YuMan was thus assured.

Mo ZiTing shook her head. “All of the Mo family property was seized, but everything is okay. The males of the Fucha family will be executed and the females are reduced to being slaves. Our Mo family can be considered to have escaped from a disaster. Thank you, Man’er.”

If it wasn’t for Man’er, the Mo family certainly wouldn’t have escaped this calamity. This was the first real moment where she faced life and death and the dread of imperial power.

“Don’t speak like that. Are you going back to the Mo family now? I have to go to the Ancient City of Fengyue with Thirteenth Wangzi. I will leave immediately. It will take about a month to return.”

Mo ZiTing pondered for a moment. “Man’er, you go ahead. The Mo family’s house had been sealed. After I settle my parents, I will come find you in the Ancient City of Fengyue. I heard that the Fengyue Nation is supposed to be bitterly cold. Starvation is a common occurrence and there are lots of orphans. I want to take a look at the villages in Fengyue Nation around the Ancient City of Fengyue.”


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