Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 57 Part 1/2 This Yatou is Really Heartless

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“I want to save Mo ZiTing…”

“Reason?” This was the first time this yatou begged him. So he could save the person, but he needed a good reason.

“Do I need a reason to save people? The reason is that she’s my good friend. Besides, the Mo family is framed by someone… If there’s a tiny possibility, I have to save her.” She told him her speculation and the things the Fucha family did. Her anxious tone held a bit of coquettishness. Thirteen couldn’t help but smiled widely. He would naturally do what she told him to do.

“I can save her, but you need to accompany me to the Ancient City of Fengyue tomorrow. How about it?” He would not be bored with this yatou on the road. He was in a better mood thinking about it.

“Okay, as long as I can see her safe and sound tomorrow.” As long as Mo ZiTing was rescued, it didn’t matter where she went.

“I will certainly let you see her tomorrow. Pack tonight. I’ll have someone pick you up tomorrow morning. Get some rest.” Thirteen said some words and hurriedly left.

The Empress’ monument tower fell and the unlucky one wasn’t just the Mo family. People were moving everywhere. He could barely suspend the sentence on the Mo family. Of course, he did not tell Xiao Yumao too much.

Thirteen worked really efficiently. After Hua YuMan had breakfast the next day, she saw the unscathed Mo ZiTing. The one who sent her to Hua Manor was the Mi XueHen she saw once before.

“Little yatou, I sent the person over. You two chat a bit. I will wait on the horse carriage outside for you. You can send your luggage out first.” Mi XueHen looked inquiringly at Hua YuMan.

What did this yatou have that she could actually capture Thirteen’s heart and have Thirteen take the initiative to ask the Emperor to bestow a marriage?


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