Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 56 Part 1/2 Thirteen is Angry

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“But Mo jiejie didn’t participate. And the Mo family is also framed by the Fucha family.” With red eyes, Hua YuMan told them the matters of Fucha family’s third gongzi wanting to marry into the Mo family, how the Mo family got the management rights to the rock quarry just yesterday, and how Fucha Youlan wanted to rope her in.

“This Fucha family is indeed immoral. No wonder they wanted third gongzi to marry into the Mo family. They were already thinking of a plan to extricate themselves out of trouble. Marrying off Fucha third gongzi, they can protect Fucha family and have the Mo family be a scapegoat. Also, the Fucha third gongzi came in contact with a poison some months ago. He originally won’t live long. This Fucha family is indeed immoral.” HanYun thought a bit and understood the ins and outs of the situation. But what was the use of understanding? He may be a third-rank general, but he was nothing in the Emperor’s eyes. In this kind of matters, the Emperor only believed in results and his own judgment.

“Man’er, if you really want to save Mo ZiTing, maybe you should find Thirteenth Wangzi. He’s engaged to you so maybe he can find a solution. Although this matter was supposed to be handed over to First Wangzi, he is only responsible for arrests. He has no right to speak on matters regarding the Empress either.” Hua YuKang knew what his meimei wanted to do. He also couldn’t bear looking at her tearful face so he came up with this idea.

“Then I’ll go find him.” Hua YuMan turned to leave.

Hua YuKang stopped her. “Man’er, Thirteenth Wangzi gave you so many presents. Why don’t you gift him something? I’ll have someone send it over and leave a message. After all, it’s not good if you go to his place for a matter like this.”

“Gifting something?” Hua YuMan was anxious. She couldn’t think of what to give him. She lowered her head and saw the ring on her hand. She took it off without thinking. “Send him this!”


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