Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 55 Part 2/2 Implicated a Lot of People

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“Apologies, Hua Xiaojie. We are just following orders. If there is a miscarriage of justice, you should tell First Wangzi. He is in charge of this incident. We will take the person away now.

 “Don’t be afraid, TingTing. I will think of a way to get you out.” Looking at Mo ZiTing being forcibly taken away, Hua YuMan tearfully shouted to her back.

“En, I believe you.” Mo ZiTing turned her head back and smiled gently at her. This world was originally unfair, like Man’er said. To protect oneself and one’s family, weak women who didn’t know martial arts didn’t even have the opportunity to resist.

If she survived this time, she must strive to make herself more powerful and definitely form that coalition of assassins.

Life was too fragile. She had already died once. This time, she wanted to live well!

Hua YuMan returned dazedly to Hua Manor. At this time, Hua YuKang and HanYun were discussing the matter of the Empress’ monument tower collapsing. She immediately went over, “Brother, Yun gege, is there any way for me to save someone?”

Hua YuKang looked at his anxious sister. He sighed and shook his head. Of course he knew that she and the pet store owner Mo Xiaojie were close recently. But the Emperor issued an order to arrest the Mo family. How could it be easy to save someone? He and HanYun were just discussing this matter.

HanYun petted Hua YuMan’s head. He looked into her eyes that obviously cried. “You also know that the Emperor’s anger is not easy to quell regarding anything that involves the Empress. He could even punish wangzis for not turning in their accounts books, let alone incompetent officials.”


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