Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 55 Part 1/2 Implicated a Lot of People

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Two soldiers stepped on either side of Mo ZiTing. They each grabbed an arm and again said heavily, “Take her away!”

“Why are you arresting her?” Hua YuMan stood angrily in front of them. “There must be a reason to arrest someone.”

“Yes, may I ask what crime I have committed?” Mo ZiTing was also angry. She didn’t offend anyone. If she did, then it was people from the Mo family. But how could these soldiers not distinguish between right or wrong and just arrest her?

The head soldier originally wanted to get angry, but another solider lightly tugged at his clothes and whispered something in his ear. The head soldier nodded. His eyes looked at Hua YuMan and his tone eased. “Hua Xiaojie is not aware. Yesterday at noon, the inscribed monument for the Empress in the Imperial Tombs fell down. The stone for the monument is from the Mo family and Fucha family’s rock quarry. The Emperor was furious and ordered a strict investigation. The entire Mo family will be executed in three days. We are taking the person away now.”

“What?” Hua YuMan was startled. The Empress’ monument tower fell down?

That was correct. In her previous life’s events, this matter did occur. The Empress’ monument tower fell down and it implicated a lot of people. Nearly 500 people died due to this event. This was the second major occurrence in the “Empress Event.” Hua YuMan didn’t think that the Mo family would be implicated too.

Mo ZiTing was also stunned silly. She muttered, “But the Mo family just got the operating rights to the quarry yesterday.”

Hua YuMan returned to her senses. Yes, the Mo family originally did not have a rock quarry. Someone must have framed them. She hurriedly stopped the soldiers from taking away Mo ZiTing. She anxiously said, “Where are you taking her? Someone must be framing the Mo family.”


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