Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 54 Part 2/2 A Bad Premonition

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Seeing she didn’t know the person, Mo ZiTing said, “Fucha Youlan was married to Fourth Wangzi as a cefei. She said that you were betrothed to Thirteenth Wangzi so you would meet each other sooner or later. She wanted to be friends with you. Man’er, your identity is now different. You should keep a careful eye out.”

Hua YuMan suddenly smiled. These people already made plans. She had not yet married Thirteenth Wangzi, but these people already wanted to rope in Thirteenth Wangzi through her.

Although Fourth Wangzi was stripped of his right to inherit the throne by the Emperor, he belonged to Third Wangzi’s faction. He originally supported Third Wangzi so he sent his cefei over to draw Hua YuMan in. It must be to rope in more supporters.

Thinking of this, she said to Mo ZiTing, “It’s good that you’re moving out. No, why don’t you move to Hua Manor to live with me? Other than me, there’s only my two geges. Why don’t you keep me company?”

“This, isn’t too good?” Mo ZiTing hesitated. Living with Man’er was good, of course. It would also be more convenient to do things. But the problem was that someone would follow and watch her no matter what she did.

“Why isn’t it good? I…” Hua YuMan’s words weren’t finished, when the pet store’s door was kicked open from outside. The thud caused the door to break into pieces. A group of soldiers fiercely came in. They looked at the women and coldly said, “Who is Mo ZiTing?”

“I am. What’s the matter?” Mo ZiTing stood up. Her hands clenched into fists and her eyes were doubtful and angry. Hua YuMan also stood up. She looked worried at the fierce and angry soldiers. She had a bad premonition in her heart.

“It’s you then. Take her away!”


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