Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 54 Part 1/2 A Bad Premonition

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The renovations used up a lot of money. This place was only opened for a few days so it didn’t earn much yet. Mo ZiTing used all her savings to open up Fuyun. If the people from Mo fu found out, they would certainly make things difficult for Mo ZiTing. Thinking of this, Hua YuMan felt guilty.

Mo ZiTing handed her a cup of tea. She smiled, “There’s no such thing as troubling each other between us. I gave up the right to inherit Mo family this morning. Besides this pet store, Mo family has nothing to do with me anymore. I decided to buy a courtyard to live in and focus on our businesses.”

“What?” Hua YuMan was very shocked. Mo ZiTing said earlier that her father gave her half of Mo family’s properties for her to manage. Why did she suddenly say that she gave up everything in the Mo family?

“My father suddenly arranged a marriage for me. I didn’t agree. By giving up everything in the Mo family, I can choose the conditions of my marriage. If so, I am very satisfied.” Without money, she could earn it back. But marriage was a lifelong matter. She couldn’t possibly accept her husband having three wives and four concubines. She also couldn’t spend a lifetime with someone she didn’t like.

“How did your father agree?” Although Hua YuMan wasn’t very clear on Mo ZiTing’s family matters, but she knew that Mo Laoye thought highly of Mo ZiTing. Otherwise, he would not suggest a competition between the three sisters.

Mo ZiTing laughed. “The marriage my father arranged for me is Licheng’s prominent Fucha family. Early this morning, the Fucha family said their third gongzi [son of nobility] was willing to marry into the Mo family [to become a member of her family]. Now the bride changed to my older sister. When the Empress’ national mourning is over, they will get married. Oh, right. Fucha family’s Shu daughter Fucha Youlan came to my store. She asked about you and if I had a good relationship with you.”

Hua YuMan lightly frowned. Fucha Youlan? She didn’t seem to know this person. She also didn’t know the Fucha family. Fucha family was a wealthy merchant family, but it had no intersection with the General’s Manor.


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