Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 53 Part 1/2 Do You Like Your Current Identity?

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“Do you like your current identity?” Thirteen helplessly sighed. If he knew this woman was that yatou, then he wouldn’t have refused the marriage in the Hall of Supreme Harmony that day…

Fortunately he was not stupid. Otherwise, he would be getting farther and farther from this yatou.

“I don’t like it.” Hua YuMan knew that he guessed it. But she had nothing to explain so she angrily said, “There’s no choice. It’s all your fault.”

“I was wrong.”

It was the first time Thirteen apologized to someone. It was the first time he loved and hated a woman. How much nicer would it be if this little thing was more honest with him? Then so many things wouldn’t happen.

But if thought about it, he couldn’t blame her at all. He was responsible. But could he blame himself? He didn’t seem to think so. Thus, he was very depressed.

“When did you guess?”

She plopped herself on the table. She was actually scared staying here alone last night. She was bored and empty. Next time she had to stay here, she would bring XueMeng and Yintao and the others. No, not Yintao and the others. That didn’t seem right. But XueMeng was okay.

She was letting her imagination run wild, but Thirteen was seriously answering her question. “Xiao Yumao’s handwriting is very beautiful.” He watched her writing memorials that night. He was very familiar with her handwriting. So when she held the brush and wrote the first word, he was certain. Also, that gust of wind… Such cute and porcelain-white little ears could only be his Xiao Yumao’s…

Hua YuMan was startled. So her handwriting betrayed her. No wonder he wrote for her then…

“Are you going to the Ancient City of Fengyue?” She changed the subject.

According to her previous life’s historical trajectory, the people of Li Country did not find any treasures in the Ancient City of Fengyue. That was because they did not know how to swim. But Hailan Kingdom’s citizens retrieved lots of treasures, but a lot of them also died.


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