Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 52 Part 2/2 I Didn’t See My Xiao Yumao Last Night

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The Emperor’s deadline set off alarm bells in everyone’s hearts. A month was neither long nor short. No one could tell whether the Emperor wanted them to go or didn’t want them to go so most of the wangzis came to Jiuxiao Tower the next day. But this time, they paid for divination sessions.

“Huayu guniang, if Benwangzi goes to the Ancient City of Fengyue, will it be auspicious or inauspicious?” Fourteenth Wangzi urgently asked.

“Apologies. Huayu cannot predict the future. I can only say that if Fourteenth Wangzi goes, you can bring along some lucky items.” Hua YuMan retrieved her petals, signifying her seeing the customer out.

Fourteenth Wangzi stood up, but quickly asked, “Excuse me, what item is lucky for my journey?”

“The sky blue color is very suitable. You can go to the city’s Fuyun to take a look.” She casually spoke. Fuyun was the store she and Mo ZiTing opened. It specialized in selling all sorts of strange and lucky items. It opened ten days ago. Coincidentally, with these wangzis’ patronage, business would increase by several times.

“Thank you. Thank you. I’ll go now.” With her guidance, Fourteenth Wangzi happily went on his way.

A few more wangzis came with the same question as Fourteenth Wangzi. So she also pointed them towards Fuyun. It was only that their lucky color was different.

The last person was Thirteen. He sat there motionlessly and looked at Hua YuMan. Only when she was uncomfortable, did he say, “I didn’t see my Xiao Yumao last night. Where do you think she went?”

Hua YuMan’s heart thumped. It almost jumped up to her throat. She secretly looked at him and wondered if he found out.

She did not return to Hua Manor last night because it was very late when she sent off the Emperor and the wangzis. She also guessed that the wangzis would come to Jiuxiao Tower this morning. Therefore, she did not return home. Did Thirteen sneak into Hua Manor again last night?


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