Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 51 2/2 Who Does Benwangzi Want to Marry?

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Hua YuMan looked at his engaged expression and unconsciously took a step back. This was from her fear of him from her previous life. “Although First Wangzi thought of two things while holding the petal, this is the thing you want to do the most, isn’t it?” She took a deep breath and tried hard not to let her emotions affect her.

Thirteen saw that she was very afraid of First Wangzi and his heart was displeased. His icy cold eyes looked at First Wangzi’s face. “Imperial brother, there’s no need to intimidate and threaten her even if she is right. Next person.”

First Wangzi no longer spoke. He just glared once at Thirteen. This thirteenth brother of his was difficult to deal with and handle.

Hua YuMan then divined from Third Wangzi’s petal. She sighed a moment later. “Third Wangzi’s desire is the same as First Wangzi’s.”

Thirteen stared blankly. Then he wrote “as above” on the memorial.

“Fourth Wangzi, as above.” Hua YuMan shook her head again, as she divined.

“Sixth Wangzi, as above.”

“Seventh Wangzi, as above.”


“Eleventh Wangzi.” Hua YuMan couldn’t help but look a bit more at Eleventh Wangzi. “Wants to go to Hailan Kingdom the most and bring back Tenth Princess’ remains to be buried next to the Empress.”

The others also couldn’t help but look at Eleven. Their faces were complicated…

Seeing she kept staring at Eleven, Thirteen raised his hand. He threw his petal at Hua YuMan. “The next one is me.”

Hua YuMan gloomily closed her eyes. Then she spoke with a complicated expression on her face. “Thirteenth Wangzi wants to marry a wife the most.”

“Why don’t you say who Benwangzi wants to marry?” Thirteen looked at her, eyes burning. It was almost as if he wanted to burn through the white gauze on her hat that was covering her face.


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