Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 51 1/2 Who Does Benwangzi Want to Marry?

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Seventh Wangzi’s words drew the agreement of some other wangzis. Everyone insisted on seeing the results. They wouldn’t leave until they saw what she would write for the Emperor.

Seeing them so stubborn, Hua YuMan indifferently asked, “It doesn’t matter that your heart’s desire is seen by other wangzis? If so, then I have no issue with it.”

Her words turned everyone silent.  But Seventh Wangzi insisted, “Benwangzi doesn’t mind. Benwangzi’s imperial brothers wouldn’t mind either. It’s not like we have some shameful secret.”

Seventh Wangzi unintentionally stimulated everyone. In the end, everyone chose a petal. They handed the petal to Hua YuMan according to their age.

Hua YuMan had already prepared ink, brush, and paper. The Emperor’s seal was on the paper. This showed that the following content was only for the eyes of the Emperor. It could not be faked.

She first received First Wangzi’s petal. She lightly frowned. She wrote one word, but Thirteen grabbed the brush from her hand.

“Benwangzi doesn’t believe you. From now on, just be responsible for reciting everyone’s desires. Benwangzi will write for you, to ensure impartiality and fairness. Does anyone have an opinion?” Thirteen looked coldly at everyone. The others thought for a moment and agreed to Thirteen’s suggestion.

Hua YuMan was angry. Did Thirteen hate Huayu so much? He had to be at odds with her over everything.

“Recite it!” Thirteen pushed her aside. The familiar fragrance at the tip of his nose made him frown harder.

Hua YuMan clenched her fist and lowered her voice. “The thing First Wangzi wants to do the most is to find an opportunity to go to the Ancient City of Fengyue.”

Everyone turned to look doubtfully at First Wangzi. Even Thirteen’s face turned very gloomy.

First Wangzi looked resentfully at Hua YuMan. “When Benwangzi touched the petal, Benwangzi clearly did not think that.”


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