Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 50 Part 2/2 The Emperor’s Wishes Cannot be Speculated On

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No one knew, but the Emperor actually heard their conversation, including when Hua YuMan said that the Emperor’s wishes cannot be speculated on. Therefore, the gaze the Emperor looked at Hua YuMan with was gentler.

 “Huayu, every month on this day, divine one thing for them: the thing they want to do the most. Present the results to Zhen after the divination sessions.”

“Yes, Huayu obeys!”

“Go ahead. Zhen will walk around Jiuxiao Tower. Find Zhen after the results are out.” The Emperor’s mood wasn’t very high, but his face was very serious.

After he left, the wangzis were not as cautious and surrounded Hua YuMan.

“Huayu guniang, why does Fuwang want to know the thing we want to do most?” Some of the wangzis began to worry if the thing they wanted to do most would violate Fuwang’s taboo. They wondered if they could have Huayu write something nice.

“Apologies. The Emperor’s wishes cannot be speculated on!” Hua YuMan rejected these wangzis attempt at worming information without thinking.

The Twenty-Third Wangzi who asked stared foolishly. It was that line again. The Emperor’s wishes cannot be speculated on. But it wasn’t that it could not be speculated. It was that this woman didn’t want to speculate!

“Every wangzi, there are white lotuses around Jiuxiao Tower. Please pick a petal. Think of the thing you want to do the most and then give me the petal. You can leave afterwards.”

Hua YuMan felt this method was more convenient than giving them petals to choose from. It saved her from having contact with them and saved time and energy. She decided to use this method from now on.

“Without looking at the results? What if you write some nonsense?” Seventh Wangzi obviously did not trust her. These results could very well be related to their futures. How could they just let this woman casually write?


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