Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 50 Part 1/2 The Emperor’s Wishes Cannot be Speculated On

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Hua YuMan looked at him and did not speak. She had once been very familiar with this Li Ke. Because he belonged to Third Wangzi’s faction, he always had a lukewarm attitude towards her. But he had once given her useful advice: to keep some distance from his third brother. It was just that she didn’t listen to him at the time… At this moment, she decided to take his old advice. She would stay far away from him and his third brother. So she did not look at anyone or bother anyone.

But she did not know that her existence was already an involvement. She entered the eyes of every wangzi. Since then, everyone would intentionally or unintentionally talk about her, remember her, and even scheme against her.

“Yes, if you can divine and divine early for us, then wouldn’t you be sharing the burdens of Fuwang? Fuwang might even praise your efficiency…” Nineteenth Wangzi was disrespectful. He was going to the pier to examine some goods, but had to come to Jiuxiao Tower. So his mood was very unpleasant. He could not take it out on his royal brothers. But he could take it out on this woman.

Hua YuMan looked once at Nineteenth Wangzi. Her mouth unconsciously hooked up. “Apologies. The Emperor’s wishes cannot be speculated on!”

The Emperor’s wangzis didn’t differ too much in age. The Nineteenth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Wangzis were the same age. But the weirdest one was Nineteenth Wangzi. He liked raising animals. His fu had all sorts of breeds. He was like a pet king. Mo ZiTing once said that Nineteenth Wangzi was her store’s biggest customer. Almost half of her profits came from Nineteenth Wangzi fu.

What a good “the Emperor’s wishes cannot be speculated on!” Thirteen looked for the first time at this seemingly mysterious woman. His heart held a trace of wonder. This woman was very clever.

At this time, a gust of wind blew over. It slightly lifted Hua YuMan’s veil, revealing a pair of cute white ears. As the surprised Thirteen wanted to take a closer look, the Emperor arrived.


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