Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 49 Part 2/2 He Will Make the Leng Family More Unlucky

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“Do you people think that Tenth Princess deserved to die more than Leng Xu? You don’t properly mourn and come here to make trouble. Everyone on the escorting journey is fine. Only Leng Xu and Tenth Princess are dead. You think you can be safe? Go back and wait for your entire family to be executed!”

Thirteenth Wangzi’s face was very, very cold. He had endured ten days without seeing Xiao Yumao. He did not want to meet such a situation early in the morning. So unlucky. But he would make the Leng family more unlucky!

Even the leader of the Leng family members there was stunned silly. They ran away as if they were running for their lives.

However, no matter how fast they ran, they could not run away from the Emperor’s decree. All of the Leng male family members were executed. All of the Leng female family members were sent to the brothels. The only one to escape was the Leng YouYu in First Wangzi’s fu.


On the day of the full moon in October, it was one month after the Empress’ passing. It was also the day the wangzis first went to Jiuxiao Tower for divination and the day Hua YuMan would divine for the first time in Jiuxiao Tower.

This time, her flower petals weren’t colorful flowers, but white lotuses. The wangzis stood on one side, faintly uneasy. They didn’t know why the Emperor had all of them accept a divination session.

Hua YuMan naturally did not know either so she was also waiting for the Emperor. She just didn’t act uneasy. She did not look at the wangzis and was peaceful like a painting.

“Huayu guniang, isn’t your divination very accurate? Why don’t you first divine why the Emperor have us all come here for?” Seventh Wangzi Li Ke looked provocatively at her. He didn’t like this mysterious young woman. It was as if every time he saw her, he had a fire in his heart, burning and making him very uncomfortable.  


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