Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 49 Part 1/2 He Will Make the Leng Family More Unlucky

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As he passed by Licheng’s famous brothel, the Emperor spotted two unlucky officials. This undoubtedly ignited the suppressed anger in the Emperor’s heart…

At the next imperial morning court, these unlucky people were denounced by the Emperor. The officials did not sincerely mourn and were ungrateful. They were sent home. The two unlucky wangzis were unfilial. They were stripped of their right to inherit the throne and forfeited ten years’ salary.

The court’s atmosphere had become particularly tense. The whole Licheng was anxious.

Due to the Empress’ passing, Hua YuMan did not go to Jiuxiao Tower. She holed up in her house. The political changes did not make her nervous. Tenth Princess and her journey made her worry more.

According to her previous life’s historical trajectory, Tenth Princess should have passed away days before the Empress. But there was still no news. Hua YuMan hoped that Tenth Princess would have a safe journey. Maybe she could change her own fate this time.

But dreams were ideal and reality was cruel. Ten days later, the news of Tenth Princess passing away reached the capital. The Emperor almost collapsed with illness at the time.

Soon, more detailed news came. Not only Tenth Princess, but the person in charge of escorting her, General Leng Xu, also died. The cause of death was unknown. The Emperor finally decreed to have the princess’ body buried in Hailan Kingdom, the Empress’ hometown.

Early in the morning the next day, the Leng family brought people to Hua Manor to wail. They said that Leng Xu took Hua YuKang’s place in the escorting journey. They thought that Leng Xu was harmed because of the Hua family and was seeking justice.

The miserable crying and noise gave Hua YuMan a headache and made her angry. Just as she was going to angrily command people to go out and beat people up, Thirteen’s indifferent and arrogant voice came from the door.


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