Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 48 Part 2/2 The Crime of Being Disrespectful and Unfilial

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The next day, inside the Hall of Supreme Harmony, all the officials felt the Emperor’s fury. They were all shivering and didn’t dare to even breathe too loudly.

“The Empress devoted her life for Li Country, for Zhen, and for the whole imperial family. Many wangzis and gongzhus [princesses, usually daughters of the Emperor] grew up in the Empress’s palace. But once she passed away, someone dares to be disrespectful to her… Fourth Wangzi, Eighth Wangzi, and Eleventh Wangzi are disrespectful and unfilial. Remove all their titles and positions. They will never be in the running to be a monarch.”

The Emperor’s words dashed the dreams of Fourth Wangzi, Eighth Wangzi, and Eleventh Wangzi to be Taizi and the future Emperor. The officials were suddenly in an uproar.

But the Emperor had not finished speaking yet. “All the ungrateful officials will be demoted two ranks as punishment!”

The whole Hall of Supreme Harmony was forced into silence. Soon, everyone realized. The ungrateful people that the Emperor spoke of were those who didn’t submit memorials commemorating the Empress yesterday.

Everyone was deep in thought. Some were glad and some were regretful. Thirteenth Wangzi was in shock with a face full of disbelief. That yatou was right…

The matter was thought to end like this. But no one expected that the Emperor who was in a bad mood due to missing the Empress would leave the Palace alone at night and randomly strolled through the city. He went to all the places in Licheng that he and the Empress visited together. Coincidentally, the Emperor was at the seafood market and saw some people purchasing large amounts of seafood. He casually asked and the owner of the market told him that the seafood was bought by some fus and two wangzis…

The Emperor was extremely furious. He could not swallow this anger. His subjects and sons were actually having a seafood feast. The imbalance in his heart made him very angry.


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