Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 48 Part 1/2 The Crime of Being Disrespectful and Unfilial

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“No way. It can’t be that serious!”

“Of course it is that serious.” Her face sank and she thought about her previous life…

The Emperor deeply loved the Empress. Her death was a terrible blow to him. In the past, this “Empress Event” lasted for three years and the consequences were dire. There were many causes of the incident. The first was that after the Emperor resumed imperial court, someone did not submit a memorial commemorating the Empress.

Hua YuMan did not know if events would deviate from her previous life’s history, but she did not want to risk it.

Thirteen smiled. Her face was serious earlier and now it seemed to be angry again. He hurriedly said, “I’ll write it now.” He took the brush from her and quickly wrote. Then he proudly showed it off. “Okay?”

She took the paper. The words were succinct, but sincere. They weren’t superficial or boasting. She nodded in approval. “Yes.”

The two talked about calligraphy and literature that night for hours. Only when it was time for morning court did Thirteen reluctantly leave. Before leaving, he helped her take the memorials to submit to the Emperor.

Hua YuMan rapped her own head. She actually chatted a whole night with Thirteen in her room. Finally, she went to sleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

The first day that the Emperor reopened imperial morning court, his mood wasn’t very good. The hall quieted down and officials started submitting memorials commemorating the Empress. The Emperor was deeply gratified. More and more people submitted memorials and Thirteen casually handed in two.

That day, the Emperor read over all the memorials relating to the Empress. At first, he was very gratified. But the more he read, the more he thought that some of the memorials were too perfunctory. The Emperor suppressed his anger as he continued reading. But when he found out that three wangzis and a small number of subjects did not submit memorials or even a word of comfort, the Emperor immediately became furious.


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