Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 47.2 It Will Be Very Troublesome to Marry Me

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Thirteen had always been very clear on what he wanted and what he didn’t want. Once he made up his mind, he doesn’t care about consequences, what he’s giving up, or anything else.

“Okay, you can go now!”

Thirteen was depressed. She was driving him away again. But the days were long. He was very confident in her.

“Rest early!” Thirteen told her before he left.

Hua YuMan was carried back by Thirteen the next few days. The relationship between the two was the only thing being discussed after the Empress’ passing. At the same time, the news that the two were going to be engaged soon spread. So the vicious gossip that arose from Thirteen carrying Hua YuMan back decreased and the envy increased.

On the seventh day, the Empress was buried in the Imperial Tombs. The Emperor was in mourning so the imperial court was closed for three days.

That night, Thirteen was bored at home and missing a certain person. So he dressed in all black and jumped over the wall into Hua YuMan’s boudoir.

After he leapt through the window, he found his Xiao Yumao seriously writing something. He took a closer look and found she was writing memorials. His eyes showed his surprise.

“Xiao Yumao, why are you writing this?”

She had been very familiar with Thirteen’s smell these past few days so she wasn’t afraid. While writing, she said, “The Emperor’s imperial court is closed for three days. The thing he wants to see the most must be everyone commemorating the Empress. My parents aren’t here and it’s not convenient for my brother’s injured arm and leg. So I’m writing on their behalf. What about you? Did you write it already?”

“Not writing.” He sat down. He leaned on the table and watched her write. Her handwriting was like her. The appearance was cute and dignified. Each stroke was very vigorous. It made people very comfortable to look at.

Hua YuMan stopped her writing. She looked at him and very seriously said, “No, you must write it. There will be big trouble if you don’t write. This is called being disrespectful to the Empress, unfilial, and ungrateful.”


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