Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 46.1 There’s No Such Thing as Impropriety

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“Call me ‘Li Yang’ and I will leave.”

He liked the way she softly and crisply called him “Li Yang.” It touched him emotionally.

Hua YuMan frowned. Did he know that she already became the focus of everyone’s attention?

But facing Thirteen’s persistence, she couldn’t help but softly called, “Li Yang!”

“En.” Thirteen smiled and stood up. “Wait for me here after the ceremony. I’ll send you back!” He lovingly touched her head and left, leaving behind screaming and disapproving women.

“So Thirteenth Wangzi likes women…?”

“Yes, I heard a few days ago, he publicly told the Emperor that if he had to marry a woman this lifetime, he would marry Hua Xiaojie…”

“Even if you want to discuss, you should look at the occasion,” someone interrupted everyone’s discussion. Hua YuMan was quietly kneeling with her head down, calm like a landscape painting.

When Thirteen returned to the tower, everyone was kneeling in ceremony. But he sneakily looked down at the plain-clothed women below. A gentle smile was hidden in his eyes.

Four hours later, the women with stiff legs were helped up by their maidservants. Hua YuMan also stood up tremblingly and rubbed her legs.

“Are you okay, Xiaojie?” Because Yintao knew martial arts, kneeling for four hours was nothing for her. Since Hua YuMan arranged QingQing behind her, QingQing did not kneel. So she was fine and she quickly helped Hua YuMan rub her legs.

As they were about to help their Xiaojie return, Thirteenth Wangzi suddenly showed up. Without a word, he swept Hua YuMan into his arms. Without room for refusal, he said, “I’ll send your Xiaojie back. You follow behind.”


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