Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 45.2 First Wangzi Didn’t Feed You Enough?

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Thirteenth Wangzi’s voice was very light, but lots of people heard him. Other people also looked at Thirteen. They couldn’t understand why he would lower his noble head for a little yatou.

Hua YuMan lightly bit her lip. She did not answer or look at him. She didn’t need his good intentions.

Without her reply, Thirteen didn’t want to follow his royal brothers anymore. He continued talking to his silly yatou. “Why are you ignoring me?”

He looked for her for a few days, until he was almost crazy. He didn’t sleep well for three days. This yatou actually returned after hearing the Empress passed away. He was exceedingly happy and wanted to go to Hua Manor. But he was summoned by his Fuwang into the Palace.

He thought he would see her soon anyway so his heart settled down. He helped her arrange her position for the kneeling ceremony…

But this little thing inexplicably ignored him. This made him irritated and restless.

No woman had ever stirred up so many emotions from him. He looked at her and saw that she wouldn’t lift her head up. He couldn’t help it but reached out and lifted her jaw. He must have her talk to him today.

“Thirteenth Wangzi, please pay attention to the occasion!”

Hua YuMan finally opened her mouth. She dodged and avoided his aggressive fingers.

Thirteen wasn’t angry, but smiled. This little thing finally talked to him.

“Did you forget what I told you? ‘Thirteenth Wangzi’ is not what you should call me.” Talking to his Xiao Yumao made him very happy. He didn’t want to go to the whatever occasion anymore.

Hua YuMan pursed her lips and didn’t speak anymore. Wasn’t he putting her in difficult spot? This was a public place.


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