Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 45.1 First Wangzi Didn’t Feed You Enough?

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Everyone around them was women who loved gossip. Once they heard Leng YouYu’s words, they immediately looked over. Everyone held a mood of watching a good show.

Hua YuMan looked mockingly at her. “How would you know whether I returned home or not? I heard you sent away First Wangzi’s concubines? What? Did First Wangzi not feed you enough so you had time to run to Hua Manor to listen through the walls?”

“You…” Leng YouYu did not think such words would come from an unmarried maiden, much less a proper and well-behaved one like Hua YuMan.

Leng YouYu was angry until she was red all over, but she couldn’t speak. The other women were already whispering and subtly sneering.

“Not yet fifteen years old and actually have such intentions. Such a young age and she climbed onto First Wangzi. Who knows if later on…”

“Exactly, it’s better to stay away from such women…”

The discussion around her put Leng YouYu in an awkward spot. She stamped her feet at Hua YuMan and left.

Today, she had to kneel with the identity of Taizi’s woman, so her position was in the front. Once she was kneeling down, she began to cry not because the Empress passed away, but because of the anger she suffered with Hua YuMan.

However, other people did not know that. As she was sorrowfully crying to the verge of collapse in front of the Empress’ coffin, the wangzis passing by were shocked by her. Even Taizi saw her pear blossoms in the rain expression and felt a little distressed.

The wangzis were ordered to supervise the women’s kneeling ceremony. At the same time, it was supervision and a form of thanks.

When Thirteen went by Hua Manor, his footsteps slowed. He bent down in front of Hua YuMan, “Xiao Yumao, you have to kneel for four hours every day. If your legs get uncomfortable or pain, tell the eunuch behind you.”


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