Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 44.2 The Empress Dies

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She hurried back to Hua Manor. She didn’t have time to greet her brother. She immediately ordered all the colorful things in Hua Manor to be taken down. The plants in Hua Manor were replaced with greenery and Bingdi lotuses.

HanYun ended his vacation early and went to help in the Palace. Although Hua YuKang’s leg hadn’t recovered, he still had people bring him to where an official should be.

“Xiaojie, the vegetarian meal is ready.” As Yintao was helping Xiaojie change clothes, she was reporting on the past few days’ matters. “Thirteenth Wangzi’s people come here a few times everyday looking for Xiaojie… Also, Biao Xiaojie Leng YouYu moved into First Wangzi’s fu!”

“En.” Hua YuMan changed clothes and didn’t say much. “You guys hurry and put on plain clothing. Be cautious in your speech from now on. It’s a special time right now.”

“Yes, Xiaojie.”

Hua YuMan then wrote a letter. She placed it in front of XueMeng. She gently stroked its head. “XueMeng, I’m troubling you.”

XueMeng seemed to wink at her. It held the letter and disappeared like lightning.

If her past life’s historical events weren’t wrong, the Empress’ death marked the beginning of a three year-long disaster. For three years, Licheng’s officials and citizens would be living in panic.

Someone had already organized the kneeling positions for the fus. Maybe someone arranged it, but Hua Manor was located in a corner. Someone even arranged a soft cushion there.

When Hua YuMan arrived, there were numerous people kneeling already so she spontaneously knelt too. The maidservant she brought with her kneeled too. After about fifteen minutes, Leng YouYu came by. She looked slightly surprised for a while at Hua YuMan. She strangely said, “Man’er, I heard you haven’t been at home for a few nights now. What wind is blowing? You actually returned.”


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