Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 44.1 The Empress Dies

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“How can a person disappear for no reason at all? Or maybe you should go divine at the Flower Spirit Divination Hall?”


He wouldn’t believe that he couldn’t find that yatou.

On the other side, the Emperor finally remembered about Hua YuMan. He had someone escort her to Jiuxiao Tower. The surprising thing was that the Emperor did not mean imprisonment in the traditional sense of the word. He gave Jiuxiao Tower to Huayu for her to access freely. But the Flower Spirit Divination Hall must be closed. Jiuxiao Tower would become Licheng’s royal families’ divination tower. She could still charge fees for her divination and use it as she wished.

This was equivalent to the Emperor giving Huayu a free place to divine. It wasn’t a punishment but a reward. Putting it another way, her divination was lawful now. She obtained the title of the Royal Diviner.

Because she was unable to refuse, Hua YuMan was very calm. She carefully walked around Jiuxiao Tower. It was very clean and empty.

“Huayu guniang, the Emperor said you can decorate freely here. You can divine or not divine according to your mood every day. The only requirement is that every month on the 15th, you must divine for each wangzi once.”

“Okay!” Although Hua YuMan did not know the Emperor’s intentions, she would find out on the 15th next month.

Jiuxiao Tower had nine floors. She decorated every floor exactly the same. Like that, she was busy in Jiuxiao Tower for three days.

On the fourth morning, she heard the bell tolling for the Empress’ passing. Everyone’s concentration was shattered.

The whole country was in mourning for the Empress’ death. Titled or not, the officials’ wives, concubines, and daughters were required to kneel for seven days in ceremony for the Empress’ passing. Hua YuMan knew this so she immediately left Jiuxiao Tower. Before leaving, she instructed people to change all the flowers to the Empress’ favorite Bingdi lotus.


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