Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 43.2 Did Not Come Back Last Night

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That was the Jiuxiao Tower, the tallest place in Licheng. In addition to being tall, it was airtight. Supposedly, the Tower once imprisoned an evil dragon god and a holy doctor with superior medical skills who could raise the dead.

Once, she was kicked off this Jiuxiao Tower by Leng YouYu, ending her miserable and sorrowful life…

Hua YuMan sat there from daytime to nighttime. No one paid her attention or talked to her. Then she sat there from nighttime to daytime. Only when her body was uncomfortable and she sneezed did she come out from her daze.

In the distance, Thirteen was about leave the Palace, when he caught sight of that cold back. His steps halted and he pondered for a moment. He turned left and went in the opposite direction.

He did not return to his fu. He went to Hua Manor. But he did not see the person he was missing. Hua YuMan’s two maidservants didn’t know anything. But the untouched bed made him certain that that yatou was not here last night. He could only leave and send people to search for that stupid yatou who did not go home last night.

Two hours passed and his people couldn’t find her.

Four hours passed and his people said no one saw Hua Xiaojie leave the Manor.

A whole day passed and Thirteen was going crazy. There was someone he, LiYang, couldn’t find in Licheng? That was impossible!

“Thirteen, could it be the little yatou doesn’t want to see you so she hid away?” Mi XueHen seldom saw Thirteen’s frantic look. So his mood was very good as he ridiculed him.

“Shut up. Go out there and find her.” Thirteen concealed his panic. Fuwang already agreed for him to marry Xiao Yumao [“little feather,” his pet name for her in Chapter 9] and he did not have to marry that diviner. Everything was going well, but that yatou suddenly disappeared. How could he endure this?!


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