Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 43.1 Did Not Come Back Last Night

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“There’s no need. If the results are auspicious, I will arrive safely. If it’s inauspicious, I will worry the whole trip. Huayu guniang, did you divine it yet? Who injured him? I don’t have much time.”

Hua YuMan sighed once again. She had never sighed so many times to one person before. It showed that she was helpless and did not have the heart to hurt her.

“The rumors are true. The Leng family did a lot.”

Tenth Princess’ head hung low. She nodded, “Thank you. I got it.”

Tenth Princess returned back to the Empress’ side. She bid her Fuwang and Muhou farewell. Then she left majestically with the army…

“Huayu guniang, Bengong [literally “this palace,” how the Empress and high-ranking consorts refer to themselves] only wants to divine one thing. Bengong knows she doesn’t have much time left. Is there any way for Bengong to hold out for two more days? It is Bengong and the Emperor’s twentieth marriage anniversary two days later. Bengong wants to spend the last anniversary with him…”

These words almost used up all of the Empress’ strength. The Palace maids rushed to help her. Even the Emperor held her with red eyes. He lightly touched the Empress’ forehead with a worried face.

Hua YuMan looked at the Emperor and inexplicably did not hate him for forcing her earlier. She took out a petal and lightly attached it to the Empress’ forehead. Soon, she retreated. She faintly said, “Thirteenth Wangzi fu has a collection of 10,000-year-old sea cucumbers that promote longevity. It’s a product from Empress’ hometown. If Emperor returns the Nine Star Chessboard to the Imperial Tombs, he might be able to obtain the sea cucumber from the person who’s about to die in Thirteenth Wangzi fu.”

“Quickly, send for Thirteen…” the Emperor urgently commanded. At the same time, the Empress had expended all her energy. The farewell almost bid her energy goodbye.Everyone was busy so no one paid attention to Hua YuMan. She sat down on a flight of steps and gazed towards the tall tower not far away from Licheng…


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