Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 42.2 Don’t Have Any Wishful Thinking

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“Little Ten, you must live happily. Didn’t you say you wanted to go to the Divination Hall? Muhou had your Fuwang bring Huayu guniang over.”

Hua YuMan lightly sighed. So the Empress had her come because Tenth Princess wanted to divine.

“Can daughter divine in private? Daughter wants to ask about female matters.” Tenth Princess grabbed the Empress’ hand and acted spoiled.

The Empress looked at the Emperor. She nodded.

Hua YuMan was pulled aside by Tenth Princess. She was asked very seriously, “Huayu guniang, I just want to ask you one question. Who was the one who injured him?” She paused and then asked, “Does Huayu guniang need flower petals to divine? Or is only having you enough?”

Tenth Princess withdrew several flower petals from her sleeve. She murmured and repeated, “I won’t hide it from Huayu guniang. The person I like is injured. I want to know who injured him.”

Before she left Licheng, she wanted to do one last thing for him.

Hua YuMan received her petals. She sighed in her heart. She understood. Tenth Princess’ “him” was her brother.

She held the petals and slightly closed her eyes for a moment. She found out from these petals that Tenth Princess wanted to know who hurt Hua YuKang.

“You must know? Why don’t you ask about your journey instead?”

Her petal divination was different from normal diviners. She could not predict the future or specific events in the future. Everything must be related to the person in question. She could divine, but if the person did not have the desire, she was unable to see anything. It was like a lock. The person’s desire and the flower petals were the key. Without the key, everything was in vain. However, simple luck and misfortune could still be calculated.

At this moment, Hua YuMan would rather Tenth Princess asked something for her own sake.


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