Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 42.1 Don’t Have Any Wishful Thinking

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Equal wives. It was actually equal wives. The officials were in an uproar again…

“There’s no need. Emperor, Huayu is willing to live forever in Jiuxiao Tower.”

Hua YuMan’s voice was as cold as the Chinese trumpet vine after snowfall. Her voice struck into everyone’s hearts. The cold voice made people tremble all over. This feeling was terrifying.

The Emperor frowned again. He did not expect that it was Huayu who would change her mind this time.

Just as he was feeling awkward and in difficulties, the eunuch whispered to the Emperor. The Emperor stood up and faced Hua YuMan. “Zhen will give you and Thirteen time to reconsider. If after divining for the Empress and Tenth Princess and you still haven’t changed your mind, we’ll talk then!”

As he was leaving, Thirteen passed by Hua YuMan’s side. He lowly said, “Don’t have any wishful thinking. Benwang will not marry you.”

Hua YuMan was angry. He really thought that she wanted to marry him. Because of anger, she also coldly snorted. “Rest assured. Now that I thought about it, being imprisoned is better than marrying you.”

“En. Smart. That’s the reality. You’ll stay alive if you’re imprisoned. You won’t be alive one day if you marry me.” Thirteen actually darkly praised her.

Hua YuMan was really angry. This was the first time she saw such a poisonous-tongued Thirteen. Now she really regretted that she chose him with her petals.

On the other hand, a richly-dressed Tenth Princess slowly walked over with Palace attendants. After putting on makeup, that attractive and moving face was capable of causing the downfall of a city. She curtsied to her Fuwang and Muhou and bid them goodbye. The corners of her eyes held tears. Hua YuMan actually felt heartache for her.

Although weak, the Empress sat on the phoenix throne in splendid attire with a smile on her face. She suppressed the urge to hug her daughter. Because talking required too much strength, she simply spoke a few words to her.


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