Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 41.2 Marry Both of Them

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“Don’t even think about it. I’m not going to marry you.” Thirteen didn’t think about it and refused. He didn’t look at her but looked coldly at the Emperor. “Fuwang, letting her choose from all the wangzis is child’s play and an insult. If there’s some secret, just directly imprison her!”

Thirteen’s words were cold and ruthless. He did not care about the lives of others, much less let a woman control his life.

Hua YuMan’s heart sank. This Thirteen was so heartless.

If she didn’t have to choose, she wouldn’t marry him. He not accepting her was one thing, but to actually advise the Emperor to imprison her. What a ruthless heart.

The Emperor was silent for a while, but he finally shook his head. “Thirteen, your Wangzi fu doesn’t even have one woman. It’s time to choose a consort.”

Thirteen’s face turned gloomy. He suddenly knelt down. His voice was cold and decisive. “Fuwang, if erchen is to really marry only one woman, then she can only be Hua Manor’s Xiaojie Hua YuMan. Erchen understands clearly why the Empress wants tenth sister to marry to Hailan… My heart is small and can only accommodate one woman.”

The Emperor was silent because of Thirteen’s last words. “My heart is small and can only accommodate one woman.” He once said that to the Empress. It was their pledge of love.

The hall turned silent again. Hua YuMan looked in surprise at Thirteen. Towards his words, she was not touched, but actually started to dislike Thirteen. For what did he bring Hua Manor into this? For what?!

The home she desperately wanted to protect could suffer a total disaster because of his words. If she could refuse, you think she didn’t want to? But this was an imperial command. An imperial command could not be violated.

“Since it’s like this, then marry both of them. Marry them at the same time so neither is Zhengfei [main consort] or Cefei [side consort]…” The Emperor unexpectedly came up with a new suggestion.


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