Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 41.1 Marry Both of Them

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“Seven, are you questioning Zhen?” The Emperor was obviously displeased. He did not follow Seventh Wangzi’s words and had Hua YuMan take off her veil. A woman’s face was never the most important thing to him. Even if Huayu was ugly, the wangzi she selected today must still marry her.

“Erchen [I, your subject/servant/son] doesn’t dare!”

Seventh Wangzi backed down with a cold face and tried to reduce his sense of existence.

Hua YuMan also lifted her eyes to look at the arrogant wangzis. Soon, her body trembled because she found some familiar faces. She saw First Wangzi Li Ji’s cold face and Third Wangzi Li Qi’s gloomy face. The nightmare of her tragic previous life replayed in her mind again, taking her breath away. Her whole body was stiff and she could no longer move.

“If it is difficult, you can use your divination to choose.” The Emperor saw her expression didn’t look right and gave her a new method.

Hua YuMan lightly nodded. She summoned her petals but they floated past First Wangzi, Third Wangzi… Finally, when Hua YuMan’s eyes swept to the last person, her heart slightly sank. All the petals stopped in front of Thirteen. The hall was immediately shocked.

The Emperor frowned, “Huayu guniang, are you certain about this? Do you know who you chose?”

He could never have imagined that she would have picked the most unlikely person.

The officials were boiling. No one thought she would choose a man who did not like woman, much less an unvalued wangzi.

“Yes, Emperor. Huayu thought it over. He is Thirteenth Wangzi!”

Hua YuMan’s voice was a bit anxious, but she explicably felt relieved. If she really had to marry a wangzi, Thirteen was relatively acceptable.


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