Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 40.2 I Don’t Want to Marry This Woman

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The wangzis could not guess the Emperor’s intentions so they didn’t carelessly speak.

“You can think about it for fifteen minutes.” The Emperor’s words were like a shackle on Hua YuMan. She didn’t even have a chance to catch her breath.

She clutched her hands tightly and her knuckles shone white. Her body was also faintly trembling. She asked un-reconciled, “Why must I choose?”

The Emperor’s eyes were dim as he looked at her. “Before the previous Emperor passed the throne to Zhen, he said, ‘Once the girl who knows about the dragon vein is abandoned, the country will become stagnant!’”

The Emperor’s words stirred everyone into a state of excitement again. Their gazes at Hua YuMan turned enthusiastic.

The officials were lively discussing. In their views, letting her choose was already a huge blessing. Huayu silently hesitating made everyone more curious about her. Their eyes stared at her without blinking.

Hua YuMan’s hands clenched even tighter. Things were already beyond her expectations. Now, she really regretted saying those two words.

What was she going to do now?

Marry a wangzi? She was not reconciled and wholeheartedly unwilling.

But a lifetime of confinement? That wasn’t what she wanted.

After careful consideration, she looked at the Emperor with a decision. “Is it all of Emperor’s wangzis?”

“Yes.” Seeing that she made a decision, the Emperor told the eunuch next to him, “Have all the wangzis stand in two lines…”

“Yes, Emperor!”

Soon, the Emperor’s seventeen wangzis stood there. Everyone’s faces were shades of green and white and unhappy. It was always them choosing women. When were they ever chosen from and by a woman whose face they haven’t even seen yet?

“Fuwang, we haven’t even seen Huayu guniang’s face. Isn’t that too trifling?” Seventh Wangzi was the first to object. He did not want to marry this woman.


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