Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 40.1 I Don’t Want to Marry This Woman

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The Emperor froze for a moment. He said without anger, “Zhen will pardon you. Speak frankly.”

Hua YuMan raised her head to look at him. Her voice was light, “Emperor’s Nine Star Chessboard is still in Emperor’s palace. The missing chess piece is in the Emperor’s hand.”

These words drew gasps. As everyone thought the Emperor would get angry, he laughed. “It seems like your divination is not false. Then, Zhen asks you, does the Nine Star Chessboard rightfully belong to Zhen or the Imperial Tombs?”

Hua YuMan took a deep breath and slowly replied, “Can this matter be discussed privately with Emperor?”

The Emperor looked at her and turned solemn. But he didn’t promise her, “Just say it!”

“Yes. If it is for the sake of the Great Li Empire, the Nine Star Chessboard should be in the Imperial Tombs.”

“State a reason!”

“The dragon vein!” [the pulse/ location of the country and dynasty, very important]

These two words stirred up the hall’s atmosphere. The Emperor gazed knowingly at her and nodded. “Zhen knows what to do. Zhen is giving you two choices right now. One, pick one of Zhen’s wangzis to be your husband. Or two, live your whole life in Jiuxiao Tower.”

The Emperor’s words startled everyone. No one understood his intentions so they were all uneasy and terrified.

The hall was silent. The wangzis who took part in the morning court looked at the Huayu who was wearing a hat and never showed her face. Everyone was deep in thought. Some were hoping that luck would come and some were afraid of being chosen by Huayu.


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