Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 39.2 Inside the Hall of Supreme Harmony

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The Emperor stared at her for a moment. His heart was surprised. He did not expect Licheng’s mysterious Flower Dashi was actually a twelve- or thirteen-year-old girl. A trace of doubt appeared.

Not only the Emperor, the whole Hall of Supreme Harmony’s officials and Palace attendants were looking at Hua YuMan. There was curiosity, surprise, puzzlement, and admiration. In short, the whole hall was as quiet as the night, as if one’s breathing could be heard.

“Get up!” The Emperor finally spoke. Hua YuMan stood up reverently. Her head was lowered and she did not dare to look around. She waited for the Emperor’s command.

“Don’t be afraid. As long as you have real ability, Zhen [Imperial I, the Emperor] won’t make things difficult for you.” The Emperor saw how uncomfortable the girl was. “Zhen heard you can only divine for ten people a day. Divine for Zhen first. Zhen’s Nine Star Chessboard was lost the day before yesterday. Can you help Zhen find it?”

“Yes!” Hua YuMan was startled and gently answered. Then she took out a pouch of petals. She let them slowly float in the air, “Emperor can choose a petal…”

The Emperor extended his hand and the petals flew towards him. Soon, he chose a deep purple butterfly petal.

When he released his hand, the petals flew back to the young woman. From the beginning to end, he could be certain that she did not use internal force or Qi. The skepticism and uncertainty in his heart slightly lessened.

When the petals flew back into Hua YuMan’s hands, the hall was quieter. Everyone stared at the petals in her hands, anticipating what she would say next. The Nine Star Chessboard was one of the favorite items of the Emperor. Who had the courage to steal it? If it was divined, then wouldn’t it be a dead end for him?

Under everyone’s gaze, Hua YuMan quietly closed her eyes. She opened her eyes a moment later and knelt on the ground again. “Emperor, Huayu does not dare to speak the truth!”


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