Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 39.1 Inside the Hall of Supreme Harmony

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Hua YuMan sighed, “That’s one reason. The second is that your Xiaojie doesn’t want to see the Empress or Tenth Princess.” She would feel better if she didn’t see them. But if she saw them, she couldn’t speak the truth… In short, she would feel guilty.

“Xiaojie, don’t over think. If the divination results aren’t good, be subtle. Even if you don’t say it, no one would find out.” Yintao thought for a while and guessed a little from her Xiaojie’s eyes.

“En. I can only do it that way!”

Let’s hope everything goes well tomorrow!

Hua YuMan barely slept that night. After a dozing off a little, she got up and let QingQing disguise her with makeup. For more insurance, she put on a veiled hat. Feeling absolutely safe, she petted XueMeng’s snow-white fur. She absentmindedly said, “I can’t take you today. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong.”

At the first glimmer of light, she arrived at the Divination Hall. She saw the person the Emperor had sent waiting for her. Once he saw her, he invited her onto the horse carriage.

“Flower Dashi, we are going to the Hall of Supreme Harmony. You are the first woman to participate in the imperial morning court!” the head of the eunuchs said.

“En. Huayu [fake name] is honored!” Hua YuMan lightly shook her sweaty hand. What was the Emperor doing? He actually let her participate in the morning court.

She ignorantly went inside the Palace and the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Looking at the kneeling officials, Hua YuMan felt her legs soften.

The head eunuch saw she was walking too slowly and couldn’t help but urge her, “Don’t keep the Emperor waiting!”

Hua YuMan sped up her pace and floated to the main hall. She kneeled in ceremony to the Emperor sitting on the golden dragon throne. “Humble me, Flower Spirit Divination Hall’s Huayu, pays respects to the Emperor. Long live the Emperor!”


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