Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 38.2 Worried

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The Emperor clutched the woman’s hand and sighed. “Little Ten is our only child. Why must you have her go to Hailan Kingdom?”

The woman sighed. “Lian’er knows the Emperor understands!”

The Emperor became mute. Yes, how could he not understand? The Emperor promised to love only the Empress. But he had to helplessly add countless women to his harem… The only one who spent one life with one person was Hailan Emperor. That year, a young Lian’er was forced to give up Hailan Kingdom’s Taizi, the current Hailan Emperor. So far, he only had one wife and one son. He decreed that Hailan Wangzi could only have one wife in his lifetime. So when Hailan Emperor proposed marriage for Tenth Princess, the Empress agreed. As the Emperor, he had no reason to oppose!

“It’s said there’s a Flower Spirit Divination Hall in Licheng. Chenqie wants to invite the diviner to divine for little Ten…”

“Okay!” The Emperor answered softly. He knew in his heart that his Empress couldn’t last much longer.


There were too many people who couldn’t sleep that night.

Hua YuMan was spacing out with flower petals in her hands. The Emperor actually wanted her to divine for the Empress and Tenth Princess…

She pursed her lips. She didn’t dare to divine because she was clear on the course of events. Tenth Princess died on the journey. The Empress died in the same month after Tenth Princess. Because Hua YuMan was reborn, she found that events and disasters were happening ahead of time.

“Xiaojie, are you worried your identity will be revealed tomorrow? No matter. I will disguise myself and wear a mask. I will not let anyone discover Xiaojie’s identity.” QingQing blinked at her Xiaojie. She felt that Xiaojie was too calm tonight.


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