Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 38.1 Worried

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Leng Xu’s wrath also settled down. He put on a peaceful face and said, “First Wangzi said he was going to marry you?”

Leng YouYu started crying again. “He said he would spoil and dote on me. but he would not give me the position of Zhengfei.”

“That’s nothing much. Even if last night didn’t happen, your identity is not enough to be First Wangzi’s Zhengfei. But if you are pregnant, that’s another matter. First Wangzi has a 60% chance of being Taizi [Crown Prince]. You didn’t lose last night either.” Leng Xu quickly balanced out the powerful relationship. The previous depression and anger were swept away.

Xiang Min also took Leng YouYu’s hand and softly explained this powerful relationship to her. “Since things are like this, you must firmly grasp First Wangzi’s heart. You need to give birth to a son for him to ensure your position. A woman needs to strive for her own glory and splendor…”

“Mother, I know all this. I’m just no reconciled. Someone must have set us up last night. If we cannot find this conspirator, I won’t be reconciled.” Leng YouYu bit her lips and clenched her fists. Her face was vicious.

“Don’t worry about that. Mother has a way. No matter how much it will cost, mother will go to the Flower Spirit Divination Hall tomorrow…”


The Imperial Palace

The most noble man in the Imperial City was hanging his head low at the moment. He stared at a weak woman wearing phoenix robes. Such a beautiful woman and his beloved Empress was like a bunch of dead wood. Her deep-set eyes were unfocused. But when the man beside her affectionately called her nickname, “Lian’er,” a small smile floated to her face.

“Emperor.” The woman’s voice was very light, as if it would scatter if the wind blew. The Emperor was startled and panicked a little.

“Don’t be sad. Even if Chenqie [literally: I, your servant or concubine] is no longer here, Emperor needs to take good care of yourself.” The woman seemed to regain a bit of energy. Her glazed eyes held some fondness. “Chenqie’s greatest wish is to return to Hailan Kingdom. If Chenqie cannot go back this lifetime, then let little Ten go back for Chenqie. Chenqie wants to see with own eyes her leaving the city. Emperor, can you change the date to tomorrow?” She knew her days were running out. She could no longer drag it out.


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