Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 37.2 Thirteenth Wangzi’s Ruthlessness

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From now on, she was the First Wangzi’s woman. She looked at him like a difficult-to-approach god, with a face of love and yearning.

“Yu’er, go back and tidy up. Stay in the Wangzi fu from now on. Although the Zhengfei [legitimate consort] position cannot be given to you, but my love for you won’t be less.”

First Wangzi’s words made Leng YouYu feel unwell all over. She thought, after last night, she could fly up the branches and become a phoenix. But he didn’t want to accept her as Zhengfei. She slightly sobbed. She didn’t know how she was going to return to Leng fu.

Leng fu was staging a tragic drama at this time. Second Furen was crying on the side. Leng Xu was angrily throwing things. Once he saw Leng YouYu return, he slapped her face.

“You bastard! Where were you last night? Why did you lock the door?” If this cheap yatou didn’t lock the door, how would he and his daughter…

Leng YouYu was slapped silly. When she came back to her senses, she viciously stared at her father. “You were the one who crazily ran to mine and YouQi’s room last night. If I didn’t lock the door, you want to ruin me too?”

Xiang Min stood up and cried, “Yu’er, even so, you should have called people and woke me up. How could you push your own sister over? Didn’t you push her into the fire?”

Leng YouYu’s coldly sneered. “Called people? Did mother wanted me to call people to see this shameful thing? I was also drugged last night. If I didn’t run to First Wangzi’s fu, who knows if my body would be given to which servant… Wuu wuu [crying sounds]… Mother, why don’t you protect me? Such a thing happened and father doesn’t care about me, but blame me and hit me…”

Leng YouYu really felt wronged. She really hated!

“You’re saying, last night you and First Wangzi…” Xiang Min stood up excitedly. She grabbed her daughter and pulled her dress to reveal her left shoulder. The shougongsha [gecko cinnabar, proof of virginity] was gone. She suddenly froze, but quickly laughed.

One daughter had gone mad. The other one must marry a good family. Leng family’s glory was entrusted on Leng YouYu.

[God, this family… But was Thirteen too ruthless…?]


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