Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 37.1 Thirteenth Wangzi’s Ruthlessness

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*“Eldest Wangzi” will be changed to “First Wangzi”

Click here to see a spoiler *Warning: There are slight mentions of dubious consensual s*x and inc*st. Please don’t read if it bothers you!]

Trying to take credit, Mi XueHen told this matter to Thirteen. He then looked at Thirteen with Schadenfreude, “What to do now?”

A trace of ruthlessness crossed Thirteen’s face. His tone was bland and peaceful. “Let Leng Xu experience what is called a real disgrace tonight. The story told in Licheng tomorrow would be General Leng’s daughter’s unusual feelings.”

Mi XueHen laughed out loud. This move was really ruthless.

“Thirteen, someone might really die tomorrow.”

“Then what if you die for him?”

“Okay, I said too much. Don’t worry. I will spread out the news tomorrow!”


The night was long. Leng fu was about to enact someone’s carefully orchestrated play…

Leng Xu was lustfully chasing two beauties around his room. The fragrance in the room made people guess think.

Her whole body was on fire. Leng YouYu gritted her teeth and pushed her own sister YouQi to her crazy father. She ran out and closed the door tightly.

Leng YouQi couldn’t run out. She was stopped by Leng Xu at the door. A hand stretched and tore a girl’s clothes off…

Leng YouYu heard the shameful noises coming from the room, gritted her teeth, and ran out the fu. She didn’t wake up other people or her mother and ran towards First Wangzi’s fu…

The next day, Leng YouYu woke up the arms of the First Wangzi. Looking at the noble man who doted on her a whole night, her little face turned red.


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