Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 36 She Will Be Hua Manor’s Disgrace, Part 2

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“Father, since Han gege is living in Hua Manor, would he be bewitched by Man’er and won’t like your daughter?” Leng YouQi was not a person who could hide her thoughts so she was very sad at the moment. HanYun actually kicked her and her father out because of Hua YuMan.

Leng Xu coldly snorted. “What are you crying for? He’s just a little general. Learn the four arts [zither, chess, calligraphy, painting] and a variety of talents. The once-every-five-years draft is here. If your luck is good, you might be Guifei [Imperial Consort] or Wangzifei [Princess Consort]. Right, Yu’er, didn’t you say First Wangzi is interested in you? Grasp the opportunity and put time and effort onto First Wangzi. Don’t mess with Hua Manor’s annoying yatou. When you become Wangzifei, you can create whatever difficulties you want for her.”

“Yes, father!” Leng YouYu bashfully nodded. She drew her courage and told her father last time. She was originally nervous that her father would scold her. But she never thought her father would support her so much. If she knew earlier, she wouldn’t have had to put so much thought into living at Hua Manor. She lost that malleable yatou Hua YuMan in vain.

“However, that yatou Hua YuMan needs to be taught a lesson.” Leng Xu’s eyes cold eyes glittered. He had a good idea.

Leng YouYu knew her father had a plan. She asked, seemingly unintentionally, “Father, now HanYun is protecting her. It’s not easy for us to do it.”

“Father didn’t say he wants to beat her.” Leng Xu laughed evilly. He had always been a person who would repay someone for the smallest of grievances. How could he peacefully be humiliated and by two blind youngsters?


“A girl’s most important thing is reputation. If her reputation is ruined, how would she get married in this lifetime? Hua YuMan will be Hua Manor’s disgrace. Haha…”


Who knew that these words were heard by the Mi XueHen who was using qinggong [light, flying footwork] and passing by like wind. The reason he stopped was that he heard the words “Hua YuMan.” So he paused, held his breath, and listened. He didn’t expect to hear such a conspiracy.


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