Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 36 She Will Be Hua Manor’s Disgrace, Part 1

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To HanYun, Hua YuMan was his meimei [younger sister, can be used to denote familiarity]. Because his mother passed away early, Hua Manor was his second home. He, like Hua YuKang, felt the need to protect his meimei. No one could insult her, even if the person was his elder.

HanYun was so explicit that Leng Xu couldn’t stay there anymore. Ha angrily left.

He would never come to Hua Manor again. He was already a fourth-rank general now. After his return from escorting Tenth Princess, his title would certainly rise. Once he was first-rank, he must step on Hua Manor.

After the hateful people left, Hua YuMan looked at HanYun. She seriously and overbearingly said, “HanYun gege, I forbid you to marry Leng YouQi. No woman from the Leng family will do.”

HanYun broke out in laughter. “Yes, HanYun gege’s marriage matters will be handed over for Man’er to worry. HanYun gege will marry whoever Man’er says.”

In fact, HanYun knew. That Leng YouQi and Leng LianXin secretly sent him fragrance pouches and such. Even if he was a careless laoye, he still understood the little yatous’ intentions. He just ignored them, but did not expect Man’er to find out with one sentence.

Hua YuMan started smiling. Her small face was like a golden light and bright. “I want HanYun gege to marry a beautiful on the outside, but even more beautiful on the inside beautiful, exceptional woman. HanYun gege deserved a better woman.

She dared to speak this way to him because of his doting on her. Besides her parents, her brother and HanYun gege loved her the most. Because they were both army generals, they lack ordinary people’s schemes and complexities. They were more sincere and direct than the average person.

As Hua YuMan smiled, Leng YouQi left Hua Manor and cried with red eyes.


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