Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 35 Impudent, Part 2

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Hua YuMan laughed. “How can that be possible? Uncle was not demoted, but promoted. One with eyes can tell those rumors aren’t true. Don’t make things difficult for yourself, Uncle. Uncle has not come to see brother for so many pays. Outsiders say that this is because Uncle is ashamed and dared not come!”

Leng Xu instantly choked. No wonder YouYu got angry at Hua Manor. So Man’er, this yatou, had such a fierce mouth. As a governmental official, he was angered by her, not to mention YouYu and the little yatous.

“Man’er, take your leave. I’m looking for HanYun for something.” Leng Xu acted like Hua Manor’s host and directly ordered Hua YuMan to leave.

Leng YouYu and Leng YouQi looked at Hua YuMan with Schadenfreude. In front of their father, she was of the younger generation. She had to obediently obey the command and leave.

Only, they thought wrong. Hua YuMan not only did not leave, but she issued a notice to leave. “My brother is not well and is afraid of noise. If you have something to discuss, go to a teahouse outside the fu! HanYun gege, I’ll have someone leave the door unlocked for you.”

Leng Xu’s face flickered and was angry. Leng YouYu was also surprised. No one thought Hua YuMan wouldn’t give Leng Xu face.

“You darned yatou is impudent. Actually…” Leng Xu was about to criticize Hua YuMan. In such a big Hua Manor, how could talking disturb Hua YuKang? But HanYun stopped him from continuing.

“HanYun rushed through the night to the capital and had not rested. Let me sleep first and any business can wait until after morning court tomorrow!” HanYun’s face also turned a bit colder.


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