Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 35 Impudent, Part 1

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When they turned old, they would remember this scene in retrospect and smile. In fact, there was a feeling that was like love that could last until the end of time!


Early the next day, Hua Manor had a guest. HanYun returned to the capital and arrived at Hua Manor.

Looking at the beautiful and petite biaomei [younger female cousin via female line] who had to bear the burden of Hua Manor so early and was busy in and out all day long, HanYun’s heart was uncomfortable. He petted Hua YuMan’s head and smiled, “Man’er has grown up and is worthy of being a General’s daughter, with a general’s courage and manner.”

Hua YuMan turned her face and secretly wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. Once, she was able to escape the diastser of the execution of the whole Hua family not only because the Crown Prince saved her, but because of this biaoge [older male cousin via female line] HanYun. He saved her from death and the Crown Prince found the dying her…

“Silly yatou, why are you crying? HanYun gege will protect you from now. I will help you shoulder the responsibilities of Hua Manor. HanYun was tall and strong. Due to many years with the army outside, the original handsome face turned a bit darker, but did not affect his charm. Within and outside Licheng, many people wanted to marry him. Leng family’s Leng YouQi was one of them.

At this thought, Leng family’s people carried all sorts of gifts to the door.

Leng Xu was here. Leng YouYu and Leng YouQi also followed. At the sight of HanYun, the sisters bashfully called out, “Han gege!”

Hua YuMan turned her head coldly. These people did not come for so many days. Now that HanYun gege returned to the capital and was a appointed third-rank general, they showed up with gifts. How could she not have seen these people’s true faces before?

“Man’er couldn’t have listened to those rumors outside, right? How come you don’t greet your uncle when you see me?” Leng Xu looked displeased at Hua YuMan. His heart thought this darned yatou was more arrogant than that darned rascal. Once he had the opportunity, he would let this yatou taste some bitterness too.


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