Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 34 I Will Be With You to Oppress the Slag, Part 2

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“It’s about that meaning. Other than the new ideas from a different world, you’re an ordinary person who doesn’t know martial arts. I’m the same and jealous of others. The thing that happened to my brother would inevitably happen. I want to do so whether for myself or my family. I won’t hide it from you TingTing. I have a secret that you don’t know.” Hua YuMan told her about her rebirth without hiding.

Now they had money. What should be let go, should be let go. Why shouldn’t she go do something? She played by the rules in her previous life but she could only watch as the whole Hua Manor was executed and her family left her. She was humiliated and persecuted and eventually died miserably. This time, she wanted to rebel.

Because she had seen too many people’s lives these days, she had also found her new life’s goal. She had three things to accomplish in this lifetime: kill those who harmed her in her previous life, kill the man who said he loved her in her previous life, and finally, protect a place called “home.”

Mo ZiTing hugged Hua YuMan distressedly. “From now on, I will be with you to oppress the slags!”

“Thank you, TingTing. Meeting you was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me,” Hua YuMan was touched.

In this life, she didn’t trust people easily anymore, whether man or woman.

“Fool. Aren’t I lucky too? We’re good friends. In my world’s words, we would be diehard friends. Diehard friends go through life and death, wealth, and difficulties and disasters together. The mose trustworthy person you can rely on. more reliable than your husband!”

“En.” The two grasped each others’ hands. Their firm friendship was unbreakable from this point on.


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