Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 34 I Will Be With You to Oppress the Slag, Part 1

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At this moment, Hua YuMan did not know that, under Thirteenth Wangzi’s adding momentum behind the scenes, her Flower Spirit Divination Hall’s reputation increased in fame. From the Emperor to Li Country’s civilians, they all knew of the mysterious Divination Hall that can use mere flower petals to accurately divine.

In just a few short days, the numbers of people seeking the famous shop surged.

The prices of a few hundred silvers were raised to tens of thousands of silvers and higher. Such fame made Hua YuMan shocked and happy.

Mo ZiTing was also very happy. Mo Laoye loudly praised Mo ZiTing. Borrowing from the Divination Hall’s fame, Mo family businesses were great. Mo Laoye even handed half of Mo family’s properties early over to Mo ZiTing. If the family still enjoyed good fortune in the following year, Mo family would be headed by Mo ZiTing.

“ManMan, you really are my lucky star. My Di older sister, Shu younger sister, furen and yiniangs look at me like they’re looking at gold. I wanted to kick those lackeys,” Mo ZiTing smiled from ear to ear.

Hua YuMan covered her mouth and laughed along with Mo ZiTing. She liked her personality more and more so she even changed her formal address for her. “TingTing, I have an idea. Yintao, you and QingQing guard the door and don’t let anyone near.”

“Yes, Xiaojie.”

After Yintao and QingQing left, Hua YuMan spilled out her worries and thoughts of the past few days. Now the Divination Hall was famous, but it would inevitably be burdened by the fame. “Can we consider and form a…”

“You mean to form a secret coalition of assassins?” Mo ZiTing looked shocked at the outwardly gentle and ladylike Hua YuMan. Her like for her rose up another notch.

This Man’er really was to her taste. Very decisive and interesting. Being sisters with her was a treasure.


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