Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 33 A Scheme, Part 2

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“Your ancestors made a living from raiding tombs. Your great-grandfather lied to you. It’s not that you won’t die if you find the treasure, but it’s because he stole the treasure and triggered the curse mechanism. If anyone within nine generations took the initiative to put the treasure back, the curse would disappear.”

Feng Ji laughed and cried at the same time like a madman. He was clearly unable to accept the truth. Uncle Tu was still rational. He hurriedly asked, “Can Flower Dashi tell us what the so-called stolen treasure is? And where is that tomb?”

“If I saw correctly, that place seems to be the Imperial Tombs. The so-called treasure should be the legendary Nine Star Chessboard.”

“This…” Uncle Tu was stunned silly. Wasn’t the Nine Star Chessboard the Emperor’s favorite thing? Why would it be stolen from the Imperial Tombs?

Uncle Tu brought a dead-faced Feng Ji back to Thirteenth Wangzi fu. He reported the divination results to Thirteenth Wangzi. A trace of surprise crossed Thirteen’s face. He immediately went into the Palace.

He went directly to the Palace’s secret library. Soon, he found a secret book on the previous Emperor’s history. It really was as the diviner said. The Great Founder of the dynasty Zeng Fengmi wanted to be buried with the Nine Star Chessboard. But the tomb was eventually raided and the Nine Star Chessboard was lost until Fuwang recovered it ten years ago.

This meant that the history that young female diviner told was correct.

Fuwang loved chess and deeply liked the Nine Star Chessboard. It was unlikely he would give it to anyone. But since it was stolen, keeping it wasn’t appropriate. This was awkward and difficult.

That diviner really gave him a problem

Wait, divination? A trace of a scheme crossed Thirteen’s face.


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