Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 33 A Scheme, Part 1

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Uncle Tu was not angry and said respectfully to Hua YuMan, “Flower Dashi, this is the owner of yesterday’s item. Please help him divine.” He took out yesterday’s old treasure map.

Hua YuMan lightly agreed. She summoned the petals to let the man choose, but the man was unwilling to reach his hand out to pick a petal. The atmosphere quietened down.

“Laozi can also do this lousy trick.” He waved his hand and the petals on the ground floated in the air in a beautiful circle and even changed shapes. It was a more gorgeous sight than Hua YuMan’s.

Hua YuMan was still not angry. She smiled and summoned a petal to directly cut the man’s neck. The petal was immediately stained with the man’s blood. The pain in his neck left the masked man in a daze.

Someone could actually hurt him with petals? That was impossible!

While he was in a daze, Hua YuMan recalled her petal and the worn treasure map. The hot pain between her eyebrows made her frown.

“Is it a curse? Your family members could not live past twenty years old. You have thirteen days left before turning twenty.”

Hua YuMan’s words made the masked man widened his eyes in fright.

This yatou really divined it out? How was this possible?

“You…what else did you divine?” The masked man’s awkward tone was tinged with a hint of respect.

“Return the treasure and you don’t have to die,” Hua YuMan said coldly. Her eyes were filled with pity and an inexplicable resentment.

“If Laozi has a treasure, Laozi wouldn’t have to die. Laozi used his first ninenteen years to find the treasure.”

Uncle Tu saw Feng Ji about to rant and rave again and quickly said, “Flower Dashi, he didn’t find the treasure. So how can he return it? Please advise!”


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