Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 32 What Does a Yatou Know About Divination? Part 2

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Besides Hua YuMan, Lu Wang was also in a good mood. Because Flower Spirit Divination Hall was opened at Wei shi [1-3 pm] for business, Lu Wang brought people beating drums and gongs. He also had people carry ten boxes of silvers and ten boxes of precious jewels over. This was many more times richer than the common people marrying!

Lu Wang smiled upon entering Flower Spirit Divination Hall. In a loud voice, he said, “Flower Dashi, you really are amazing! Benwang personally examined the child and she really is Benwang’s daughter. These are all gifts to thank you. It’s just that the child is still afraid of me and refuses to call me father. Flower Dashi, can you help me think of a way?”

Hua YuMan gently smiled. She didn’t think that Lu Wang would be a doting father. She summoned the petals. Lu Wang didn’t think and randomly picked one.

Calling her petal back, Hua YuMan wrote some words and drew a few drawings. Then the piece of paper flew out of the curtain and fell into Lu Wang’s hands. “Be more patient. For her to recognize you, you have to be good to her mother first. These things are her favorite. There is one thing she lost when she was young. Try to help her find it. If you can’t find it, then carefully create one for her. I think she would like it.”

“Thank you, thank you!” Lu Wang clutched the piece of paper and excitedly took his people away.

Hua YuMan floated the boxes of silvers and jewels away. Then she started today’s business.

The first person who came in was the old man who received the free divination session yesterday. But this time he brought along a man wearing a mask. When the man saw that the divination was done by a young-looking girl, he huffily sat down. He said to the old man with a bad temper, “Uncle Tu, are you a dotard? What does a yatou know about divination? Making me travel here, you don’t think I’m dying fast enough? Laozi [“I, your father” used in contempt or arrogance] will soon turn twenty and is about to die.”


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