Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 32 What Does a Yatou Know About Divination? Part 1

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Looking at his agile skills, she was envious. If she also had those skills, she must break into Leng fu and teach that whole cheap family a lesson.

Now, everyone on the streets was talking about how General Leng did not act like an honorable elder and ordered and paid people to injure Hua YuKang. Others spoke of how Leng Xu used his general’s position to be arrogant and unbridled. He privately bought and sold officials’ positions, took bribes, and participated in nepotism. He was jealous of his talented Young General nephew. He was dissatisfied that his brother-in-law’s rank was higher than his. Numerous other evil deeds came up.

This matter was spread early in the morning by officials. Some officials presented a memorial to the Emperor that Young General Hua was injured and unsuitable for escorting Tenth Princess to her marriage and requested the Emperor to choose another candidate. Then someone suggested that there was a lot of unknown danger on the road. If General Leng was so honest that he could hurt his own nephew, then he would be even more objective and suitable to be Deputy General.

For whatever reason, the Emperor actually let Leng Xu substitute for Hua YuKang in escorting Tenth Princess on the journey. He even raised Leng Xu from a fifth-rank to a fourth-rank official. At the same time, the Emperor added two more Deputy Generals. The date was set for the end of this month, ten days later.

Leng Xu thought that the rumors would bring calamity. But when his official rank did not lower but increased, he was exceedingly happy. He said that he should have taught that rascal Hua YuKang a good lesson earlier.

Hua YuMan was not angry when she heard the news. Instead, she happily went with Yintao and QingQing to Flower Spirit Divination Hall.


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